Monday, March 28, 2011

Clean Up Wars

What!? It's been almost three months since my last post. There's just been too much stuff happening that's been keeping me from maintaining my blog. One such thing is Facebook. Yes, I recently just got into the Facebook at my friend's behest. I feared that getting into FB will prove to be too addictive and with all the things that have happened; My worst fears have been realized. I've also been dealing with a crap load of work that just doesn't seem to let up despite the recent disasters in Japan. I guess anime continues on despite quakes, tsunamis and nuclear fallout threats. It's actually good for me financially. My personal activities are a different story though. Okay, so enough of my excuses I've managed to come back my senses and hopefully I can blog at a consistent rate.

Moving on, I just decided to post some pics my twice a year ritual which I've recently called my Clean Up Wars. The pictures can explain themselves.

First, the Good guys (Yay!)


Next, the Bad Guys (Boo!) 


The rest of the pics are HERE.

Funny thing is; This doesn't reflect the current state of my collection. At least after my mad Christmas shopping spree last year. I swear doing this gets harder every year hut I still do it nonetheless to dust off my collections and their display cases lest I should suffer from allergies (hence the clean up wars). I also do this to reshuffle my collection since looking at the same old arrangement can really boring after a long time. It took me a whole day to take them out of their cases clean them and put them back. I think it wouldn't have taken too much time had I not ended up staring at them in awe at certain points during the cleanup. Looking at all them group really gives me a great sense of accomplishment especially as this is 11 years in the making. True, some may scoff at me for buying such things and tell me that I should focus on the things that "normal" people of my age want but this what I want for the time being. I do acknowledge the fact that one day I'll have to give up and go for  "normal people" stuff, but I just want to enjoy this for the moment and I don't want to look back at the things I should have done. I'll just do my best and see how far I can go until the time comes, I guess. 

    Anyways, maybe some of you may notice a certain large object in the pic. Something that I've been saying that I will document on a few posts ago hehe. Well there's a awkward/funny story about that, but I'll save that for next time.