Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dendrobium Project Start!

     I did this one three days ago, but I was only able to document this today because of my busy schedule and a few distractions along way. No major progress though, just assembled some of the components to determine the  parts that don't need to be painted (in order to save time and paint.). Some of these components will be disassembled afterward for seam removal,priming and painting after washing the parts, of course. Here's a pic.
        As previously mentioned the Stamen (MS) and  beam sabers were assembled a week ago. I really wasn't supposed to assemble the mega beam cannon and I-field generator, but curiosity got the better of me. Besides, I did trim the pegs to make the connections a bit loose so that I can dismantle them easily when needed. Anyways, here are some additional pics:
I-Field Generator (Front)- note that I am using the part that shows the I-field generator being activated.

 I-Field Generator (Side)

Size comparison with the 1/144 HG GP03S Stamen.
Size comparison of the mega beam cannon with the stamen

Another size comparison, the cannon is really tall.
       Just a warning to future 1/144 Dendrobium owners, the barrel of the cannon takes a lot of strength to join together, I actually had to sand the connections and still had to use excessive force the tip of the barrel to the main barrel.This part actually scared me a bit as I had to force it down while still being careful not to break it. I think I did hear in some reviews that it takes some brute force to join certain parts together or maybe I'm just out of shape. Okay enough about that here's some more pics:
Platform for the Booster (I don't know what it's really called) and rear fin(side) for the Orchis, I will have to paint/detail  these first before I can connect the boosters. 
Arm base for the claws of the Orchis. I realized that this pic is crappy a bit too late and I regret that I wasn't able to take multiple shots.
Cover for the weapon containers, I built 2, oh and the same goes for the arm base.

Rear fin (upper) of the Orchis.

I somehow forgot to take some close up shots of the stand which I also built. I'll just have to make do with this. Its the gray one at the bottom I'll post a more detailed pic next time.
So far those are the parts that I have built. I am actually resisting the urge to build other parts any further as some of the parts that I have built will be sandwiched between other parts. So I have to finish these first before moving on to the next ones. Before I end this, I decided to fool around with mega beam cannon and my Gundam 00 1/144  HG's a bit and the results....  


                                   Setsuna and co.'s answer to Team Trinity's High mega launcher. Anybody who has watched Sentai(s) in the Philippines during the 80's/90's would know what this is.

Hopefully I can show pics of the parts being puttied/primed once I make some significant progress in this project.